Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Indiana Primary

It's voting day in Indiana. This is the first primary election in my voting life where my vote will count in the presidential race. It's been great!

All the Clintons have made appearances at Butler University, where I work. And Bill Clinton spoke at Beech Grove Middle School, just half a mile from my house. That's the closest a former president has been to my house - ever! John Mellencamp (pride of the Hoosier state) did a concert to support Hillary last Saturday night.

Obama shook hands at Garfield Park, also very close to my house. Stevie Wonder played (for free!) in a big downtown park last night.

My mom got an invitation to see Hillary speak at a factory on Indy's east side. Mother said she's much prettier in person than on TV. And her speech was just right. That's pretty high praise from a lifelong republican.

It's my last day of work at Butler. Finals end today, so I'm cleaning out the kitchen and taking leftovers to Second Helpings.

Then I'll be watching election returns at the Chatterbox. It will be packed! And I just found out that Hillary's "after party" will be held across the street at The Murat! That will add another degree of difficulty to parking. It's okay, I'm willing to walk!

I feel like the dogs in Moonstruck. The grandfather took them for a walk during the biggest full moon in decades and told them, "Howl! This is what you've been waiting for!"

I'll be voting before I head to work. I expect I'll see more of my neighbors than ever before at my polling place. I love being part of the process! Today, I count!

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