Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!

This was Daddy Cat's view off the back stoop this morning. He insisted I open the back door, but was puzzled about what to do next. Over a foot of snow greeted him, and he's maybe a foot tall. So he came back in and we watched the morning news and the closings list. Butler University (where I work) was listed as having a 2 hour delay. I decided to sit tight (in my pj's) and let them come to their senses. They did! Classes were cancelled! So Daddy Cat and I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and I played around on Facebook while watching the local news snow coverage. It was a good day to stay off the roads!

I eventually put my jeans on over my pj's and ventured out to see if I'd remembered to fill the gas can for the snow blower. Yes! It started on about the 20th pull. (It's been idle for two years.) I cleared the driveway and carved a path to the back door. Daddy Cat had to inspect my work. He looked longingly at the spot where his catnip grows. The nip was buried and I'd neglected to shovel it out.

While watching tv (all day!) I was struck by the fast food ads. Mostly, my brain just skips over all the foods I can't eat. But today it really hit me how drastically my eating habits have changed . . . and why obesity is an epidemic in the U.S.

Arby's is running a new special - Texas Toast meals. They feature a grilled sandwich made with two slices of Texas toast (which is four servings of starch right there,) large fries (probably two more starches and several servings of fat,) and a jumbo soft drink (gobs of empty calories.) I don't eat ANY of these things anymore. I guess lots of folks still do. Before going gf, I was a mostly healthy eater, with a few indulgences. What I miss most is the camaraderie of food. I wish I could enjoy dinner out with my friends. But I don't really miss the junk. My mind and my taste buds have changed.

I fixed pork loin with baked apples and green beans with potatoes. It was a great snow day lunch. Daddy Cat really liked his bite of pork.

BTW, I'm still thinking about Spring. I spent last weekend researching how to construct an indoor worm farm. (Gross note: kitchen scraps turn into compost faster when they are digested.) I'm ready to start farming, but it's too cold to ship Red Wigglers (the Cadillac of worms!) from PA to IN. I'm ready! As soon as it warms up!


H.Peter said...

So much snow!

Spring can't come soon enough.
Or it's time to move to the south of France. tempting. Did you visit GF Patisserie?

Gluten free Kay said...

Hi H. Peter,

I can't visit until they approve my friend request. Please, please approve me so I can visit!

When I win the lottery, I might just move to the south of France . . . or at least Florida.

Anonymous said...

Now this made me smile:

"Red Wigglers (the Cadillac of worms!)"

WKRP in Cincinnati reference FOR THE WIN!!

Cousin Kathy

GFE--gluten free easily said...

Love that you got your snow day by sitting tight with Daddy Cat! Great little snow blower (20 pulls, now that's a workout in itself!).

I totally agree with you about the dietary problems in our country. Portions and the whole value thing (you see moms tell their kids to get a double cheeseburger because it's the same price as a single cheeseburger and then they make them eat it even if they don't want to), HFCS, etc.

You know people can do very well financially raising and selling worms. A nice fallback career, Kay! Just in case Survivor or The Amazing Race doesn't work out. ;-)


Gluten free Kay said...

Hey Cuz,

I laughed when I started going to worm farm websites and discovered Red Wigglers really are the Cadillac of worms! I sang the WKRP song!

Hey Shirley,

You know I'm looking for a new career! I checked at the local bait shop for worms last week. They won't have any worms until the weather gets warmer. Shipping won't work. So maybe I can drum up some local clients and become a professional "worm wrangler."

In this economy, a cottage industry might be the way to go.

H.Peter said...

I think the weather hre in YYC starts to bug Victoria.

I keep catching her surfing on websites about B&B's in France.
Maybe she wants to open a GF B&B in France?

Then you REALLY have a reason to visit.

glutenfreeforgood said...

Oh, I love it! Sounds like a wonderful day. I'm getting involved in Facebook with my Nutrition Therapy Institute group, but I really don't "get" it. And I don't have enough extra time to figure it out.

As for the fast food ads -- isn't it just over-the-top disgusting?! Ugh! And now, did you hear that some research has found that HFCS often contains mercury as well? Like it's not bad enough already. Well, don't get me started.


I'll spare you my ranting.

I love winter and I love snow! Stay warm!

Maureen "Hold The Gluten" said...

Wow! It's nice to see snow like when I was little. So far my kiddies have made a slush snowman -- no real snow storms yet here in NJ! I am totally addicted to Facebook! I'll look for you on there and send a friend request! Now we need to get you on Twitter!!

Gluten Free Steve said...

Kay, I used to like fast food when pre-diganosis, as it was easy, cheap and sometimes, just tasted good since I knew it was not good to have. Now, the smell sickens me and I just don't miss it. I do miss fries though and get Chick Fil A fries from time to time as a treat as they do have a dedicated fryer and their fries are safe. We're better off not eating that junk.

Gluten free Kay said...

Hi H. Peter,

A gf B&B in France?! Oo la la! I'll get a passport!

Hi Melissa,

Yeah, I read about the mercury. I'm off HFCS because of the corn, so I guess that saved me.

The snow is pretty, but it's wearing me out! We're supposed to get up into the 40's next weekend. Maybe we can thaw out and start over.

Hi Maureen,

I love FB! It's been great to connect with college and high school buddies. Wish I had discovered FB before planning my college reunion. Next time . . .

Hey Steve,

GF fries at Chick Fil A?! Really? I've made homemade fries once in the past year, and that's my total French fry consumption. I ate fast food fries nearly every day when I was first out of college. Live and learn!

Gluti Girl said...

LOL! Every time I see that commercial, I yell at the tv....who needs that???? It's crazy. No wonder everyone is sick and over weight.

Aren't you glad we are going to see temps in the 40's and 50's coming our way? I can't wait. I am ready for spring too!

Also, do you know anywhere other than the Chatterbox downtown that serves gluten free beer? Like other bar/restaurant places? My son who is 22 was just diagnosed as having a wheat allergy. Sometimes he likes to meet friends downtown and have a beer. I told him about Chatterbox having Redbridge. Maybe you know of more?

Gluten free Kay said...

I'm excited about the meltdown! We have mountains of snow in the parking lot at Butler. We'll be happy to have all our parking spots back.

The Chatterbox has New Grist. I've heard RAM has a gluten free beer. The Brew Pub in Broad Ripple has New Grist. I'm lobbying to get Red Bridge at The Dugout (good place to watch ball games) in Fountain Square, but I don't know if it's there yet. I bet the local group has some info. They eat out more than I do.