Sunday, June 29, 2008

Indians Fan

Here's a photo for Karen at Gluten Free Sox Fan. It's Victory Field in beautiful downtown Indianapolis. Our Indianapolis Indians, farm team for the Pittsburgh Pirates, play at The Vic.

That's the RCA Dome on the left, and the new Lucas Oil Stadium behind the steam plant on the right. I think our whole city looks like a giant Mayberry when viewed from inside The Vic. The hard lines of the cityscape are softened. The people are friendlier. We're all on the same team, and our team plays in a really great place.

The announcer always welcomes fans to "the best minor league ball park in the world." He welcomed me on Tuesday night. My friend David (owner of the oft mentioned Chatterbox,) hosted our first baseball outing of the season. The age range in our group was from 3 to 90. It was a good group, and a perfect night for baseball.

It was my first baseball game since going gluten free. So I ate dinner at home before the game. No matter. I still wanted a hotdog dripping with ketchup and relish when I got there. Next time, I'm taking along some snacks. I enjoyed a pre-game gluten free New Grist beer on the Chatterbox patio, pictured below.

If you're a race fan, or have another reason to visit out fair city in the summer, I recommend a visit to see the Indians play. And a stop at The Chatterbox before or after!

As previously mentioned, I am five years behind on my weeding. Since I'm feeling so much better this summer, I'm trying to get caught up in four short months. But I'm really glad I took a break for a little summer fun. Daylight Saving Time has all but eliminated evenings for me. I work in the yard until dark. Sunset is around 9:30. Then I put my tools away. Then it's time for a little dinner and off to bed. This weekend's fireworks displays won't start until 10:00. I prefer my fireworks at 9:00, and I'm not fond of DST.

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Anonymous said...

What a great stadium! I love minor-league ball parks. They really do have such a friendly, small town feel even in a big city.
We have a AA team here in Chattanooga for the Reds. It's great fun for only $5.