Thursday, October 2, 2008

October! Really? Already?

Okay, September is over and I'm still behind on EVERYTHING! Every day has been full . . . too full. So sitting at the computer was put on hold. I've managed to read a few blogs, but haven't had time to write any words myself.

Looking at my last post, I'm guessing I will never make the time to re-learn those linking skills and tag some friends. If you'd like to play along, please join in.

Summer has been fading in Indy, but only for the last week or so. The last two nights have cooled to the 40s. I had to dig around and find some long pants. Surprise! Last spring's skinny jeans are now too big! I've got a college reunion coming up and I'm treating myself to new jeans to wear to the football game. I'm also trying a natural hair dye I made from boiled black walnut hulls. This whole experiment has been fairly entertaining and pretty darn messy. Vanity struck me when I met with reunion committee. Apparently I'm the only female who is allergic to commercial hair dyes. No one else had any gray showing. Thank God the guys look their age, and my age. This is my 30th reunion. I don't want to be ushered into the 50th reunion photo.

I conducted extensive internet research to figured out when to harvest my sorghum crop. I learned a lot of interesting things about the rainy season in Africa, but could not find any information about when to harvest sorghum in Indiana. Then it all became clear. When flocks of migrating birds change their flight pattern to include a stopover at your sorghum patch, IT'S TIME TO HARVEST THE SORGHUM!

So I cut the grains off the top of the stalks and put them in vases all over my house to dry. The grains are really pretty up close. I ordered seed for white popping sorghum. I think a couple of other varieties sneaked into my seed packet, including red sorghum.

I tasted a few grains before they were ripe. They were soft and starchy, a little bit sweet. I'll let them dry until they are hard enough to grind. My research did not tell me how long it should dry. I just hope birds are not involved.

I picked my last beans about ten days ago. I made this pretty pickled bean salad from a recipe in the Ball Blue Book. I substituted my orange and yellow carrots for lima beans. I didn't grow any lima beans.

I spent an evening slicing and dicing peppers, zukes and onions for some zucchini relish. See, I haven't been idle. I've been busy.

Looks like a meager harvest, but wait! I used several baskets.

I pulled a few more carrots.

I dug my second row of potatoes. Still one row to go. The long skinny one is a sweet potato. I hope there are some larger ones.

These are my paprika peppers. I'll dry them in the dehydrator and grind them to powder in a coffee grinder. I don't use the grinder for coffee, just spices.

My Lily of the Day feature has come to its seasonal conclusion. These are the last of my gladiolus. I'll miss having cut flowers in the house. I'll have to settle for my bouquets of sorghum.


glutenfreeforgood said...

Kay — great comments on my HFCS post! And I couldn't agree with you more. You have taken the time and made the commitment to have fresh food in your life. Your harvest looks abundant and beautiful. That's amazing that you've given sorghum a try. It's gorgeous! I've only seen it in bags of grain or flour. Wow, I'm impressed! Lots of work, I'm sure — but you're reaping the benefits now!

As for your reunion, not to worry. I bet you look healthier and have more vitality than anyone else in your class!

Have fun!
In good health,

Cindy said...

Kay, I love your garden! How do your lillies come out so perfect? My poor wildflowers are not too happy with me right now. I love the fact that the birds flight tipped you off to proper sorghum harvesting time! I laughed out loud and pictured this horrible, ominous flock of menacing crows or vultures swarming around your house :) It's not Halloween yet though, so I guess you're spared for now. I love the relish! How do you have the time to make such a dish? I usually grill some salmon and say "this would be great with (insert time-consuming sidedish here). Perhaps I should buy you a plane ticket and rent you out :)
Thanks for the post, I love to read your stories too! Have a good (crop-eating bird free) one!

Meli n Pat said...

It's all so beautiful! We just had our first heavy snow, so I finally had to put away all my pots. My lettuce froze, so it's gone too. I love the zucchini relish! A friend made me some and it was fabulous! Enjoy your bounty!

Rachel said...

Hi Kay:

I just wanted to let you know that there is a little thank you surprise awaiting you at my blog today.

Ginger Carter Miller, Ph.D. said...

Beautiful post! Visually and spiritually. I am still not cooking yet...don't know if the spirit is ever going to move me again...But thanks for your encouragement on my blog. Ginger