Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All this goodness for $3.88!

There's a little produce market I visit frequently. It's called Wilcher's and it's sort of the Big Lots of fresh foods. The prices are always great, but I never know what I'll find. So I used to stop in every week before my trip to the grocery store. But I haven't had a regular schedule for grocery shopping lately, so I've been skipping that stop. Wilcher's closes at 6:00, and I've been shopping on my way home from late nights at work. So I just pay the grocery store prices.

Fortunately, my mom shops there too, and alerted me to some deals. So I went there three days in a row. The first day I bought two boxes of bluberries for $1.00. The second day I got all the lovely produce in the photo for $3.88. The third day I bought two HUGE pointsettias for $3.00 each. I gave them as gifts before I took any photos. Oops!

I froze the bluberries for a holiday cobbler. I ate every one of the red raspberries right out of the box. They tasted like June! Last night I oven roasted the baby beets and ate them with a dab of goat cheese and some toasted pecans. They were sweet like fruit or candy! I squeeze an orange or two for a glass of juice before breakfast. I used the celery for a re-do batch of my wild rice soup.

I love Wilcher's!


H.Peter said...

Those prices are incredible.
Cheaper than China!!

glutenfreeforgood said...

Oh, you lucky girl! I am so jealous. Between growing your own beautiful produce and finding amazing deals, you must be in the glow of good karma. I love your photo and the beets look wonderful. Although I have to admit, I am addicted to beets. They are definitely my form of "sugar." I eat them regularly (like almost daily).

Kay -- Shirley left you a short message on my blog (on the liquid candy post). I just love it when people connect. Very cool little community we have.


glutenfreeforgood said...

You do know people are probably going to start wondering about the bizarre threads we have going on both blogs. GF food? No, hot pants, fish hooks, composting, roller derby, and fire building. Although I wrote a thank you to you for all the gardening info you left on my blog, I'll thank you here as well! THANK YOU! Great information that you should actually use sometime as a post. I'm collecting my yogurt cups and contemplating composting.

Did you see how that fire building practice helped Bob last night? I think you'd be great on Survivor. If you started on day one, you could have some plants to eat by the end. Hide seeds in your tennis shoes, fish hooks in your clothing, and beads (for fake idols) in your (hmmm? where would you hide those). I think we should be the first GF duo on Amazing Race. The first contestants who've never met.
Thanks again for all your advice, expertise, and sense of humor!

Gluten free Kay said...

That's a good "hook!" I bet it would get us a second interview, at least!

Radish and lettuce seeds for Survivor! I could sneak off to my secret salad bar garden for greens!

Let's think about this Amazing Race thing . . . we could take turns carrying the backpack with the electric skillet. I have a very small one I ordered for future travels. That would be a great way to break it in!

Gluti Girl said...

Wow! How do I miss this? Is it on the southside? Those beets are beautiful!

Gluten free Kay said...

Hi Melanie,

Wilcher's is at Prospect and S. Keystone, in between Twin Aire and Fountain Square. The building looks a bit shabby, but the deals are great!