Saturday, December 6, 2008

Goals . . . how oddly mine have morphed

Sally over at Aprovechar is wondering what new physical goals to set, now that she has reached some previous goals. First, congrats Sally! You're the butterfly now - light, beautiful and mobile. It's been encouraging to follow your blog and watch your transformation. I'm happy you have taken charge of your health and made dramatic improvements.

Nearly a year into gluten-free living (my anniversary is Jan. 1,) my goals have also changed dramatically. Healthwise I'm feeling nearly normal. I can get through a tough day's work and still have energy for my own projects. I put in 12 hour days of hard work in the garden all summer and was rewarded with delightful harvests. I rescued my flower beds after five years of neglect due to ill health.

My attitude has improved along with my health. Most days I'm a pretty happy camper. I have enough energy for fun after five years of struggling to just make it through my work days.

My new lifestyle has brought new goals. Funny what can happen in a year . . . really! Laugh-out-loud funny!

Here's the entertaining list of my current goals:

1. I want to raise my own chickens and eat fresh eggs every day. I've found a couple of "chicken mentors." I want to build my coop and chicken yard with recycled (reused, really) materials. I'm circulating my materials list, so the right cast-offs can come my way.

2. I want to raise my bowling average to the 120's. I had a couple of lucky games during the last league. I'd like to figure out what I did right and do it more often. I'd also like new bowling shoes. I bought my current shoes when I was puffed up like an Oompah Loompah. They are too big now. Like my pants - ha ha!!!!! (BTW - I'm taking 14 pairs of too-big pants to the resale shop today.)

3. I'd like to try out for the Naptown Roller Girls, Indy's fairly new roller derby team. I'm pretty sure I'll be the only 52 year old at tryouts. I'm a good skater, and the uniforms are really hot! I went to their 2009 calendar party last night and I sooooo want to be in one of those calendar shots. They definitely celebrate their strengths, with perfect lighting, of course. The biggest challenge of this endeavor will be finding a new career, or a job that provides health insurance. But that's on a different goals list.

4. This is a really short-term goal. I want to drive half an hour north and get arrested by Erik Estrada. He's back in uniform with the Muncie, IN police department! He did a reality show with the force there and made some friends. He's back this weekend to help them out with some fundraising. I don't generally break any laws, but maybe I could, just this once!

Of course, I have other goals. They are not as much fun as these goals. I'll save them for a less entertaining post.

Since I don't have a roller derby calendar shot yet, I'll leave you with a this photo from our bowling banquet. I'm on the left, with fellow bowlers Rebecca, Rich and Christianna. Rich is about a foot and a half taller than Christianna, so she's standing up on the stage. It was a really fun bowling banquet!


Travis Ingersoll said...

It's amazing what a difference a year can make after going gluten free! I've never felt better. I don't think I've ever felt better, even before finding out I had Celiac Disease. I'm so happy that awareness continues to grow about the effects that gluten has on some people.

Roller Derby is pretty hardcore! I love it!

Rachel said...

At first glance, I thought that was Erik Estrada in your photo! Good luck with that roller derby thing. Wear a helmet!

Shirley said...

This post made me laugh out loud, Kay, but it also made me celebrate with you!! Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary! It really is amazing how good one can feel after giving up gluten, isn't it? Now four years gluten free, it's hard for me to remember in detail how badly I felt back in my gluten-eating days. It's a foggy picture, receding more and more in my mind. However, if I take a few seconds I can only imagine how badly I'd be feeling if I'd continued on the gluten path.

glutenfreeforgood said...


What a great post! So positive and uplifting. It's amazing what being healthy on the inside can do for your attitude on the outside. Good for you! I love it that you have found a "chicken mentor." That cracked me up. I wish I was closer to you, I'd make you my gardening mentor. What about your goal to be on Survivor? Are you watching Bob, the 57 year old Macgyver guy outwit all the kids this time around!? I hope Roller Derby didn't trump Survivor on your goals list. Go for both!
P.S. I added a link to a post I did on GF beers in my answer to you on my blog.

Vittoria said...

You absolutely MUST get on that roller derby team! My mom is 65 (shhh, don't tell her I told anyone) and she still trains and competes in figure skating, both singles and ice dance. (she started when she was 50ish) and I think it's the greatest thing. Go out and go after the things you really want, like Erik Estrada ;)

Gluten free Kay said...

Hi Travis - I think you're pretty brave to travel like you do. I'm still chicken, but I love your trip recaps!

Hi Rachel - Yeah, helmets and lots of pads are required.

Hi Shirley - Giving up gluten is soooooo much easier than being sick all the time.

Hi Melissa - I'll be your email gardening mentor! I think roller derby is not unlike Survivor, and the roller derby outfits are MUCH better. Thanks for the beer link!

Hi Vittoria - Wow! Good for your mom! My mom still ice skates, but never while wearing sequins.

glutenfreeforgood said...

Thought I'd leave my answer to your answer on this post of yours. Yes, I would love it if you'd be my gardening mentor. I'll be your nutrition mentor in return. Leave me comments with any nutrition/health questions and I'll start dropping gardening questions on your blog (I want to start composting). I also wanted to let you know I left you a response and another link to a geeky post I did last year on omega 3s, nerdy guys, and women with big bums (weird, I know). We've got quite a thread going on that soda pop post.

Anyway, trade your "too-big" pants for roller derby hot-pants. I'm also seriously expecting to see you on Survivor. Glad you're rethinking it. Go Bob, go!


Meli n Pat said...

You are amazing! I love the Roller Derby! You are inspiring!

Gluti Girl said...

You are so funny! The hubby went to see the Nap Town Rollers once. They are pretty tough girls!

I grew up in Muncie. But I don't have any connections there to hook you up! Sorry!