Sunday, May 31, 2009


Look! My chicken coop is finally finished! My little barn no longer leans, has a new coat of paint and all the renovations necessary to provide comfortable and secure lodgings for my flock.

Here's a glimpse of the people doors into the coop, and my little office which sits atop the nesting boxes.

This is my view of the nesting boxes. There are six. The chickens can get in on the inside, and I can check for eggs from the outside via the sliding back panels.

Here's the chickens' view of the nest boxes.
The people doors straight ahead, the annex door to the left. Thanks to Nicci who came with her miter saw and built my doors. She also helped frame the interior. I was kind of baffled at the start, and she really helped me figure things out.

This is the view from the end of the chicken yard. I'm facing east. I'll add some shade cover when the chickens arrive.
The chicken door and chicken ramp.

Chicken's eye view from inside the chicken door.

It's taken waaaaaaay longer than I predicted to complete this project! There were many puzzles and challenges. And the fence panels really beat me up. My vocabulary became quite sailor-like during the fencing phase. There were chicken wire installation days when I was bleeding from nine of ten fingers. But it's done!

I'm thinking of writing a booked titled "Kay's Chicken Coop Diet and Workout Plan." I dropped a whole size since buying new Spring clothes at the end of April. I worked really long, hard days and didn't have time to hang out in the kitchen much.

The next challenge is acquiring my flock. I have two chicken dates this week. Raising from babies is easier in some ways. But I'm looking for chickens that are already laying. They are harder to find.
My gardens are mostly planted. I got to harvest my rhubarb!

I also pickled five jars of asparagus this week. I was overstocked!

My first snow peas are just setting on. So far, I've eaten all I've harvested on the way to the house. Maybe this week I'll have enough for an Oriental chicken salad.

In other garden news, this will not be a stellar fruit season in my yard. The cherry tree set about half as much fruit as last year, and I have exactly one peach. No apples on my new Granny Smith dwarf. I'll have lots of black currants and gooseberries, though. And the black raspberry vines are loaded!

Here's my pretty water lily. I had three blooms at once! Big accomplishment in my little pond!

This is the last of the peony blooms.

I hope you're all enjoying this pleasant Spring!


Anonymous said...


It's all so bee-yoo-ti-ful!! And look at you! I can't really tell from the schmata you're wearing, but ROCK STAR ARMS!!!

Cousin Kathy

Rachel said...

Kudos on a cool chicken coop. Your flock will have great digs. Can't wait to see your girls when they arrive.

Gluten free Kay said...

Hey Cuz,
The overalls offer a good number of pockets, valuable just now!

The chickens are here! I like them so much I'm getting 6 - 8 more tonight!

gfe--gluten free easily said...

Playing catch up ... thanks for showing us the chicken crib! ;-) Lucky chickens. I bet Kay's Chicken Coop Diet and Workout Plan would be a huge big seller. It's a novelty and it works!

I have never seen rhubarb in its entirety before. Wow, those plants are big! Sorry to hear the other produce yields will be down though. Last, I loved those flower photos--just gorgeous, Kay!


Cindy said...

I am so impressed and jealous! I am trying to build a coup also and yours is awesome. I love your blog and I'm thrilled you can keep chickens now- they're perfect for pest control, ground fertilization, and eggs, horrah! Please keep us updated on your flock and thanks again. Your site always makes me smile :)

glutenfreeforgood said...


I am SO dang impressed with you! You are my garden-guru hero. I love the chicken spa. What a nice home these girls will have. And you and your rhubarb look gorgeous!

On to the next post (I've been out of town and am way behind in my blog visiting).