Sunday, March 29, 2009


Earth Hour comes before Earth Day. The whole world goes dark for an hour to bring attention to earthly issues - like power consumption, and the resulting global warming.

I decided to spend Earth Hour enjoying a candlelight dinner. It was yummy! I rather liked the darkness and the quiet. The auto flash on my camera kicked on, so my photo doesn't quite convey the warm ambience.

It was nice to have one quiet hour. Since the temperatue hit 70 a couple of weeks ago, I've been behind on everything. Every Spring feels this way. The gardens, the upcoming chickens, the worm farms, my future crops in the basement greenhouse . . . they all need work. During the growing season, I never get done with my chores. Don't get me wrong - I love summertime! I love growing vegetables! But once the season starts, it takes off like Tony Stewart. Okay, maybe Jimmy Johnson. (Sorry, Tony! Win one for the hometown fans!)

I've made some progress since my last post. I've gathered most of the materials I need for my chicken coop and yard. My radishes and lettuce are popping up in the very first garden. The tomato plants in the basement greenhouse are outgrowing their little pots. I own the peat moss I'll add to the potato patch. I've won a few small battles against the fruit flies that seem to like the kitchen scraps I'm feeding the worms and night crawlers. I'm learning!

Rewards of the season abound! Here's one, er, two:

Look closely. It's like a seek n find picture. There are two small frogs between the rocks! One is in the water. They're shy. This is as close as I could get.


H.Peter said...

Great Post.
Here it is still snowing, cold and not nice yet.
Can't wait for better weather

glutenfreeforgood said...

You've got a "Where's Waldo" blog with this one. Cute little frog!

There is so much snow around here and the weather says more to come all week so it's hard to imagine gardening right now, but I'm getting ready (sort of, nothing like you). If nothing else, I'll have my composter going and a few little "small spaces" gardens in my yard. I have my book you suggested (Small Spaces, Big Harvest) and am ready to go -- when the "real" springtime finally shows up. For now, we needed the moisture so I'm not complaining.

Looking forward to following your progress this season!

Loved your candlelight dinner idea. Wish I had thought of that.



Maureen "Hold The Gluten" said...

Awwww, love the frogs! Can't wait to see your pics of the chickens! I'm soooo ready for Spring here in New Jersey -- the weather has been teasing us big time.

Gluten free Kay said...

Hi H. Peter and Melissa,

Don't worry, spring is on it's way to you!

Hmmmm . . . sounds suspiciously like "Prosperity is just around the corner." I think spring will arrive before prosperity for me.

Melissa, I've been viewing the south side (sunny side) of my house to find good spots for running strings for pole beans up to the gutters. I hope to have three patches, and work them into my landscape. Vertical gardening is a real space-saver! Last year my pole beans just wouldn't quit. I was picking them until the frost came.

Hey Maureen,

I may end up getting some baby chicks. The Tractor Store (my new favorite store!) will have some soon. Still searching for local sources of grown chickens. I want some eggs right away! Brown eggs and green eggs. I can't wait!

Melanie (gluti girls) said...

Hi Kay, I've tagged you on my blog!