Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring-ing into action!

I spent my Winter relaxing and planning for Spring. At long last, Spring feels imminent. And I realized I have a really long to-do list. Worm farms, chicken preparations and the basement greenhouse all needed attention. Good thing I'm on Spring Break!

My first day off dawned windy and warm. I'd kicked half the blankets off my bed while I slept. I did not walk directly to the thermostat upon awakening. I dressed in a t-shirt and jeans to head to the Winter Farmers Market. My stuck-to-the-window thermometer was already above 70 degrees. We hit 76 later in the afternoon!

I bought some raw milk cheese, and a big jar of honey. I signed up for a class where I'll make my own rain barrel. The market is a fun gathering spot. I got to visit with lots of friends. And my friend, Larry, loaded up the cast-off fence panels I plan to use for my chicken yard. These are industrial strength fences. I can get me some really big chickens!

Back home, I had some help carrying the fence panels down to the barn. Then I got out the wheelbarrow and moved firewood from the driveway to the bonfire area. The neighbor cut down an big maple that was damaged by the tornado six years ago. He couldn't let go of it in the face of all the other destruction at the time. But it had been dropping branches on both our driveways. I kept the immediately burnable logs.

I took this photo when I had moved about half the logs. It's a really big pile now!

My first crocus blooms greeted me on the path!

I added two more shop lights to my basement greenhouse, and a new shelf. I planted about 200 tomato seeds in plug trays. This year's crops will feature many heirloom varieties, my favorite Sungold orange cherry tomatoes, Juliet small Romas, a flat Amish red, beefsteak types in red and yellow, and a couple of new cluster types.

My early lettuces are ready to share greenhouse space.

I planted broccoli raab for gifts to my garden friends. They are just sprouting their first true leaves. I haven't been able to eat broccoli myself for over a year. I might keep one plant for myself, just to see if I've healed enough to tolerate it. I really miss broccoli and cabbage!

I decided to expand my worm farm to include night crawlers. I ordered 500 of the European variety. They eat a lot and get really big. Yeah, I'm thinking about fishing as much as I'm thinking about compost. So I made two more worm farms and added them to the "worm condos."

Daddy Cat had a bit of Spring Fever. He enjoyed a good roll in the backyard spot that will later hold my pool. I know he's happy when he exposes his white belly.
It looks like Snoopy's Happy Dance for cats!


Melanie "Gluti Girl" said...

Daddy looks so happy! Wasn't it wonderful over the weekend? I had my windows open and enjoyed the fresh air so much! Your baby plants look so nice! I know you can't wait to get out there and plant them!

Gluten free Kay said...

I still need some prep time. The tomatoes haven't even sprouted yet.

GFE--gluten free easily said...

I love seeing pictures of everything you have going on, Kay. You will be busy with all your plans, but "good busy" as we like to say. :-) I liked the crocuses, too. I just spied my first daffodil blooming in our woods!


glutenfreeforgood said...

Wow, what a great post! And a nice series of photos. I will be following you around all season, Kay, watching and learning. :-)

You'd be so proud of me -- I have my composter up and going and already half-full and I'm working on recipes to post as we go through harvest season. Your mention of taking a class reminded me that I need to do that, too. Our local greenhouse hosts all kinds of stuff, I need to get involved.

You're daddy cat looks like a happy camper. Great stuff, Kay. I'll be watching and waiting for good things to happen with you this spring and summer.


H.Peter said...

Nice pictures. Love the cat's happiness.

here it is still cold, time to get out of here!