Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm Back!

Actually, I never left. I've been in the back yard, the front yard, the side yards, the chicken yard and the garage. Summer is always a busy time for me. After being gluten free for a year and a half, I feel great! Better than I have in recent history.

I've been tackling big projects and pulling them off. My latest conquest was the garage. I'd been meaning to have a garage sale every summer for the past 20 years. I'd been storing a lot of gluten-contaminated kitchen stuff and tons of catering equipment. Gone! Done! Leftovers donated! I can now park not only the minivan, but the John Deere, the snowblower and the push mower in convenient and secure spots. Yahooey!

I decided to check the progress of my root crops and dug up a few tasty morsels this evening. I LOVE my Dragon Carrots! They are purple on the outside and yellow or orange inside. The purple does not cook away! I also pulled a few white, yellow and orange carrots.

The potato bed was like a treasure chest, filled with fingerlings, Red Pontiacs and Yukon Golds.

The cukes and zukes are in high gear now. I've already made three batches of pickles. I've sauteed a couple of zucchini, but was still seriously overstocked. Thank heaven chickens like zucchini! I've been adding it to their breakfast fare.

Think they like it? Oh, yeah!

The Barred Rocks rule the roost.

The Brahma says, "I'm ready for my close-up." She has feathers on her feet. Sorry I didn't capture the pedicure in this photo.

Hope you're having a great summer!


Melanie "Gluti Girl" said...

The chickens are beautiful!!!!

glutenfreeforgood said...

Kay -- I love your chickens! They look like happy hens, that's for sure. Your produce looks wonderful as well. I'm so impressed with you! You really are a little farmer-ette.

P.S. Someone asked you a question on the comment section of my blog (the Coors Field post). Monica wanted to know which ball park you were talking about that did not serve GF beer. Hmmm, I'm wondering if she has anything to do with getting GF products into ball parks. Maybe you should let her know what you want and where you want it!


Gluten free Kay said...

Hi Melanie,
They are quite entertaining as well. I've been spoiling them lately. One little Buff wants to be my dog. She's a sweetie!

Hi Melissa,
My ball park is (arguably) the best minor league ball park in the world - Victory Field in Indianapolis, home of the Indianapolis Indians. Now, if I could just have a Red Bridge while watching the game . . .

gfe--gluten free easily said...

It's always wonderful to see your photos and hear your reports! I am glad you are feeling wonderful. (I remember a year and a half to 2 years being really big milestones for me after being gf.) You are very inspiring with all you've accomplished recently--wow! I've never heard of Dragon Carrots. Cool. All the potatoes sounds fabulous. My FIL used to grow Red Pontiacs and Kennebecs. All your girls are beautiful. I read your comment over at Melissa's and laughed when I read you had to save your split tomatoes so you have enough to feed all your girls at once. Don't want those chicken yard squabbles. ;-) They are definitely getting fed some fabulous feed at your place. In return, I bet your eggs are just spectacular!

We're having a good summer, but it's going very quickly now.


glutenfreeforgood said...

I'm back, too. Just to let you know your blog has had an impact on me (actually, it's you who has had an impact on me). I'm getting some worms tomorrow! Yeah!

Just wanted to let you know!

Hope all is well. How are the chickens?


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Your chickens look like real beauties!

I love your produce!

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