Monday, August 4, 2008

You know this recipe by heart!

It's my first BLT of the season. I finally picked a ripe tomato! I've had enough cherry tomatoes for my salads for a while, but I needed a "slicer." Winning the "race to red" contest was a delightful flat, smallish tomato called Red Star. I discovered this variety last year and decided they were a good addition to the tomato patch. They are thin-skinned and tangy. And they ripen early.

I used lettuce leaf (or mammoth) basil in place of lettuce, and I had two layers of bacon and tomato slices. I whipped up a batch of homemade mayonnaise using the Hellmans clone recipe from Kopykat. And it was all piled on Carrie's soft sandwich bread. You can find her recipe by clicking on Ginger Lemon Girl on the right, then going to her recipe index. I can't say enough about this bread! These slices had been in the freezer for a couple of weeks. I warmed them in the toaster and they were perfect!

And I made chicken fingers! They are unbelieveably easy.

I eat a slice and a half of toast with my eggs for breakfast. I wrap the extra (buttered) half and put it in the fridge. Some days I spread peanut butter on the extra for a late afternoon snack. But I'd been missing my snack time lately so I had a few half slices hanging around. I threw them in the food processor and turned them to crumbs. I sliced up a couple of chicken breasts and dipped the slices in water. I seasoned the strips with salt and pepper and rolled them in the crumbs. Then I baked them on a greased cookie sheet for about ten minutes. Voila! Chicken fingers! I think the butter on my leftover toast made them extra tasty.

And, yes, I eat green and yellow beans every day, with nearly every meal. My bush beans are really cranking out the produce right now. And my pole beans are trying to shoot vines to the moon. Life is good in Kay's Garden!

Although my gardens need tending (thistles are trying to take over the potato patch,) I spent Saturday and Sunday afternoons floating in my pool and reading. Some of the reading was research, and some was just for fun. We had perfect weather - low 80s and low humidity. I'd planned to catch up on my weeding Sunday night. But, no! I had to go to a party instead! I had a great time.

Bonus! At the party I was invited to the last Indians home game of the season. That's the Indianapolis Indians, our minor league sluggers. I'm glad I gave myself the weekend off!

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Sarah said...

I'm totally craving a BLT now!