Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dinner from the back yard

I did, indeed, saute my first asparagus spears with portabello mushrooms and onions. And my bread came out of the oven just as the steak was hitting my plate. Simply delicious! I even pulled out the "grandma dishes," to remind me of lots of great Sunday dinners at her house.


Carrie said...

LOOKS REALLY DELICIOUS KAY!! you go girl!! BTW -- I only use 2 Teaspoons of chia seed meal in recipes, you shouldn't need to use more than that in a standard recipe! If you are using flax seeds you will want to use several tablespoons. chia seed have a much higher gelling power than flax seeds and therefore you don't need as much!

you will lOVE millet and sorghum! they are my favorite flours!! I hardly ever use rice flours anymore! i feel healthier using these flours!!

jenntenn said...

I think there will be poo to spare. I've unloaded pretty much all I think I need for my garden, and I've got about half a truck bed left. There's some left out in Fortville, but Rich filled his trailer, so let me know when you want some extra poop. We'll probably be at the Box Monday PM.