Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hi there!

Since my wheat-eating friends were getting bored with gluten free posts, I decided to set up this blog for sharing stories and recipes with my gluten free buddies. It's time. The gluten free, corn free, soy free part of my life is just that, a part. It's not my whole life anymore. I made the big lifestyle change January 1, 2008. I'm still evolving, figuring out what I can eat and what I should avoid. But life goes on, and I refuse to let what I eat define who I am. I want the other parts of my life back. So I hope this blog helps me celebrate my renewed health. Now that I'm feeling stronger, I'd like to get back to gardening, quilting, reading and writing.

When I first considered writing a gluten free blog, my title would have been: "Staff of Life, My Ass!" I was confused and sick and struggling. I found many helpful gluten free blogs that guided me through the first steps of my transition. I didn't understand why everyone else sounded so cheerful. I was having a hard time. I cried in the soup aisle at the grocery store after reading soup labels for half an hour. There was not one soup I could eat. I mourned the loss of Hellmans mayonnaise, made with forbidden soybean oil. I looked longingly at drive thru windows as I passed in my car. I was in the "Pizza and Beer" league at the bowling alley. It was torture! I ate homemade chicken and rice soup with rice crackers for nearly every meal.

With improved health came one little spark of enthusiasm, then another. I found a bread recipe that worked for me. Then I made apple crisp. I made a vinaigrette salad dressing that was quite tasty. I found a bacon with no additives. I became better acquainted with organic foods. I discovered sorghum beer and the owner of my favorite bar added it to his beer selections immediately! I bought my own copy of Gluten Free Girl. Bless your heart, Shauna! For going before me and being my guide.

Little by little, my "new" life has become just my life. I have to take a detour now and then, but I'm on the right path.

I hope you'll come along and enjoy the journey with me. This site is under construction, so bear with me and check back often.

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