Friday, April 25, 2008

Take heart!

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The bleeding hearts bloom early in my yard. Sometimes, like now, they bloom on one of the first warm days, even though freezing temperatures are in the forecast for next week. They let me know it's okay to welcome Spring, even though Winter might make a comeback.
Celebrate the very first minutes of the new season. Take heart!
I picked three more asparagus spears yesterday. I have six in the crisper drawer now. The bit of overnight rain will bring more today. So guess what I'll be having for dinner tonight! I think I'll saute them with onions and mushrooms and grill my first steak of the season. Life is good!


Meg Wolff said...

Oh! Bleeding Hearts, so beautiful. And Asparagus spears already? Amazing(for me up here in the North East!).

Gluten free Kay said...

Hi Meg,

You are WAY up north! I feel left out when Southerners get to eat back yard tomatoes before I do. But it's worth the wait.