Saturday, April 26, 2008

Just Peachy

Hope comes in many forms. A sunrise, a new kitten, a shoe sale. And peach blossoms!

A tornado five years ago changed my landscape dramatically. The sixty foot evergreens that lined the back of my property were snapped in half. They were the backdrop for my idyllic view from the dining room table, and from the kitchen counter where I spend most of my time. I waited nearly a year to remove their remains. Their absence was a big shock to the little ecosystem on the north side of my yard. The redbud trees they had protected died. The hostas and oak leaf hydranges baked in the sun. Weeds and cattails moved in.

I looked at the bare space for a year, then another year. I couldn't seem to conjure a vision of the future of this damaged space. The edible landscaper in me finally had a lightbulb moment. It happened when I was shopping at the little fruit market near my house. I opened the door and the smell of fresh peaches beckoned me inside. I wanted all the baskets of peaches. Blink! The lightbulb over my head lit up.

So I bought a couple of peach trees and nursed them through that summer's drought. The next spring, only one sprouted leaves. I checked the other daily for signs of life. Nope. Still dead. I checked it again this morning. Still dead. But in its third season, the survivor has bloomed! There's a chance I might pick a fresh peach in my own back yard. I think it's time to replace the dead one. Now I want lots of peaches.

My hopeful peach blossoms.

The cherry tree looks even more hopeful!


jenntenn said...

My peach tree has tons of blooms. My apple tree, not so much. It needs a good trimming, that apple tree.
Rich and JD should be here soon for our trip to the Horse Farm in Fortville. Yay, Poop!

Gluten free Kay said...

Save me some poop!

Gluti Girl said...

I remember that tornado. We lived in Homecroft at the time which was hit pretty hard as well. Although we live near the high school so we were not hit. But I still think of that day almost every time I drive down Madison Ave. and remember what it looked like. So scary. And so many beautiful trees lost that day. You can rebuilt houses, but you can not replace trees or people.

Cheryl said...

those peach trees look lovely, Kay. Mine's just a baby!