Saturday, April 19, 2008

Little Pitfalls

The backs of my hands have been raw and scaly for months. I've been careful to wear gloves when handling all foods at work. The kitchen at the sorority house is full of wheat. So I even wear gloves for cleaning up, even though the Board of Health doesn't require it. I was just doing that for my own protection.

But my hands were getting worse and worse. They've been really bad for about four months.


That's about the time I discovered new "safe" gloves and ordered some at work. I can't use latex or any gloves with powder inside. The powder is cornstarch. Eeeek! So I was happy to find FoodHandler TacTix powder free synthetic gloves. I went to their website to try to discover what these gloves are really made of. They won't tell me their ingredients, but there's a disclaimer at the bottom of the listing that says: "These gloves have been known to cause allergic skin reactions."

I've had three days off work, and the red patches are healing. I'll just rely on frequent hand-washing until the end of the school year. Thankfully, that's only a couple of weeks away.

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