Saturday, April 19, 2008


I used to entertain frequently. I had lots of dinner parties. Big ones. Big, fun food. Lots of guests. Food issues brought that to an aburpt end. But I miss everyone, and I'm tired of eating alone. So I had my first dinner guests of 2008 last Sunday. Just two guests, for starters. I made a meal that I could eat and I thought they would enjoy. It was a hit! The gravy was a little iffy, but it was my first ever gluten free gravy.

My menu was baked chicken, garlic mashed potatoes with arrowroot gravy, sauteed zucchini and onions with garlic, and apple crisp for dessert with Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream.

I got to use garlic chives from my garden, marking my first meal of the year with fresh homegrown ingredients. I love eating foods I grow, and growing foods I eat!


Mary said...

Hi, I've used the gravy recipe from an old hippie favorite cookbook: Laurel's Kitchen. It's a gravy made with cashews, I think it's just called Cashew Gravy. It's really good, vegetarian of course, but could be made with chicken stock. I just substitute rice flour for the wheat flour and it works just fine! (I don't remember if the recipe has ingredients that wouldn't mesh with your specific food restrictions.)

Good luck with the path to good health. It takes a while to figure it out, and can be discouraging at times, but it's worth the effort!

Gluten free Kay said...

The arrowroot gravy came out kind of translucent and gummy. I ate it anyway! I'll try rice four next time. Thanks!

jenntenn said...

I like your site. Neat to see the stuff as the cooking process unfolds. Yay, Kay! Welcome to Blogger!